Saturday, April 21, 2012

Okinawa completes my WAJA

Went through my last batch of received cards and found a card from JR6DM, Sam from Okinawa.
That was my last missing prefecture. WAJA (worked all 47 districts of Japan) application is on it's way very soon!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to 20m for summer

Today I spent 5 hours on my roof taking down 12m moxon and putting back 20m moxon. It's rather daunting job to stand on a ladder 5meters above the roof. It requires extremely calm day with as low wind as possible.

So, my 12m moxon was up from October to mid April. It exceeded my expectations for sure. 12m band turned out to be my best JA band. Within a winter I worked 991 different stations from Japan. My heart is bleeding taking the antenna down without breaking the magical '1000 different JA-s' boundary.

I worked 1689 different US stations as well on 12m, though my best W band is still 17m.

So, all of you from W6, W7, KL7, KH6 - see you on 20m this summer!